Monday, September 1, 2008

when life gives you rotten lemons to make lemonade, what do you do?

soooo the beginning of the school year is coming up. exciting right? wrong. everyone was all excited about getting their scheduals and at first, i was to. then, as soon as i got it, it felt like all hell broke loose. the first bad thing, i have gym first thing. not to mention that i hate gym and i have the teacher that makes u run a mile every class. (if you might not know, im not a real big "sports" person). the second thing thats going wrong is that, i have classes with all the people i hate. i have math and global with this blonde haired bitch named ashley. and i have english and gym with lily, this girl who loves to excersise, ohh and make fun of me. the the third worst thing is that i have very, very few classes with my really close friends. i have band with kat and nicole.......and thats about it. then, lastly on my list of complaints, there is one person that i really didnt want in my classes that ended up being in them. (this could have been in the # 2 complaint, but i think this one should stand by itself. at first, people told me that my firend marissa and her friend jess, have classes with my ex; connor (i havent spoken to him since we broke up, and he went out with miss and jess). then i findout,it was a misscommunication. he actually has class with me. and study hall. and its one right after the other. its great right? well i feel like i want to crawl up into a ball and just dissapear. vaness, if you get to read this, please consider letting me move to nyc and stay with you so i dont have to deal with all of this. i just cant. well, i guess ill see what the year will bring

Thursday, May 15, 2008

There are some decent people in this world!

On myspace, i see all these pictures of these girl meeting nlt. its depressing because i can be one of the girls that get to show of their lovely kevin pictures. sooo i go to talk to them and message them. oyu know what ive gotten as responses??? well, there was one girl. her name was crystal and she got pictures with kevin. so i messaged her saying stuff like "ohhh ur so lucky!!". and her response to that is "hahha yeah?? ur werid." i mean, how rude is that!!!! she is one of the luckiest people alive for being able to be in kevins arms!!! but what ever. thats not my whole story. so then, i see this other girl, and she got to meet them. i dont know why i did, just prolly cuz i have to see what they say, but i messaged her saying the same thing. and the funny part is, she actually answered be back and she told me about the whole thing!!!! how cool is that man!!! sp that does show me that not everyone out there in life does not want to screw you over.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


so there is this group called NLT (not like them). and this literally has to be the best boy band i have ever heard. My friend Lily and i are in love with them. i like this guy named Kevin mchale and she likes this guy named jj thorne. I am embaressed to admit that we like guys fom a boy band, but i cant help it. they must be the new beatles. and its so depressing because they started their first tour on may 1st. and they come no wheres close to where we live. =[ i am traumatized by it. it would be a dream come true to meet kevin. i rele just wish...that....ugh!! nevermind just watch the video. its my favorite song by them.

Monday, April 28, 2008

time for some brain activity!

Today, i had a instumental lesson during my science class. I was more than happy to get out. This wasnt just an ordinary lesson though, instead of playing the clarinet, i was going to have to learn how to play the violin. Luckily, my 2 friends, timea and kat(who both play violin) was going to be there to help me. So, we learn how to hold the bow and the instrument itsself. Then the teacher starts shouting all these directions at us and before i knew it, we had to play twinkle twinkle little star. I was terrified! I hadent even gotten the notes down yet or my fingers in the right spot! Lets just say, that i didint have a lot of luck with the violin. When i got home, before doing my homework, i decide to get my moms old guitar out. I had wanted to learn how to play guitar for a very long time, i just didint have anyone to show me how. I remember my friend had said that if you can play the violin, then you can play the guitar, most of the notes are the same. So, i decided to give it a shot. I started out with twinkle twinkle.......and it worked!!! It actually sounded better on the guitar than the violin! ONce i had gotten used to where the notes are, i started experimenting. After that, i learned the gay barney song( the i love you one...yeah everyone knows that). And then, one of my favorite songs, Your Guardian Angel by the red jumpsuit apparatus. Of course i only got the meledy, i didnt know how to get the choards yet. BUt being able to make music like this gave my a whole new appreciation for different instruments, other than woodwinds. NOw hopefully, i will progress on learning the guitar.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

All good things have to coem to an end.

Well, here comes another week of school. But, today was a good day. I got my school work done, practiced clarinet, and helped mom make passover dinner. That was good but it would have been really nice to have my sister here with us. Vaness, you already know that mom and i miss you. I hope you have a good passover and do something nice for it. Im going to miss you even more when i get back to school and get to deal with all those skanks. Trust me, ill be thinking of you. haha. I love you very much.

Monday, April 14, 2008

you are such a little cry baby

I have this friend named ashley. A "friend". Hah. well she used to be really nice, but then i got to know her. basically, she that type of girl that is very unsure of herself so she needs to put others down to make herself feel important. sounds fimiliar right? so last week, i went to go see jeff dunham (vantrillaquist, no idea how to spell it so sorry) with my friend lily. we had gotten tickets a while ago and i told ashley i was going with lily. but only once because i knew that if i mentioned it alot, than she would have a problem with me. so the date finally comes up and lily mentions it to ashley. all i am thinking is "ohh crap here it comes." so ashley "supposedly" forgot about it and got out of my car aggrivated. later, i get a text from ash saying "why didint u tell me lily was going?" i didnt even bother to tell her that i did because i knew she would deny anything i say. thus, making the next day of school a blast. first off, ashley was talking bad about me all day. (like that hasnt happened before). second, she gave me these looks that just made my face cringe. and third, she wouldnt even talk to me. but i didint have a problem with that, i do need some peace in my life. so after the week had finished and a couple days had passed, i wouldnt text her or call her or anything. i was just so sick of her that i didint care if she thought i was still friends with her or not. i come home tongiht from a party to have my mom sit down and tell me that ashley's mom called and was crying because she thought i didnt want to be firends with her daughter anymore. (well she got that right on the nose) mrs. d was all like "ohhh meyra doesnt want to be her friend anymore, shes a wreck." and im just like "wtf?!?" i wanted to say "do you know how much of a bitch your daughter acts to me? if you really did, you wouldnt be calling crying, you would be slapping her upside the head. so to make a long, long story short, i had to talk to ash saying hey and everything. and keep in mind, this wasnt my choice, my mom made me do it "for my own sake." and after being nice and everything, you know what i get back from her? huh? well she goes "ohhh well i thought u were ignoring me. oh well what ever, bye." i swear if you could have saw my face it would have blown up. i just give up now. trying to have friends is a waste of time and energy. teenage girls are the devils creation. all i have to say is, stupid bitch.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

parties gone wrong

so today we had a birthday party for my mom. just like everyother family gathering, it sucked. seriously, they are the MOST crazy human beings i have ever met in my lfe. My aunt is the worst. She was late as usuall and we were just waiting for her to come so we could get this over with. The doorbell rings, thinking it was her, we open it and it was friends of the family. IM thinking wtf and then i hear that my aunt had invited them. With out telling my mom. And my cousind knew and didnt tell us. Dont get me wrong, i love these people who came but come on! You dont just invite someone to come to a party that isnt even yours! All i kept thinking was "man my aunt is such a bitch." I just wanted to kill her because then my mom got upset and then my sister and this all just wasnt woth it. Its my moms birthday, we should be concentrating on her, not the bitch with the baby(cousin) or the crazy aunt. It should have been a nice day and it didint really turn out that way. Hopefully next year, my sister can come up (im not sure if its up or down) from ny again and it can just be us to celebrate my moms birthday. Well i should go help with dinner so no more complaining for me.